Principal Inhabitants of Sutton Coldfield 1793-8

An extract from the Universal British Directory 1793 - 1798
This book covers most of the major towns in Great Britain and the original is rather scarce
though may sometimes be found in public libraries. More likely the facsimile edition,
published by Michael Winton in 1993 may be found, and the book is also to be found on CD
and on fiches (The LDS fiches 6069181 through to 6069210 cover UK directories from 1781 - 1817)

This transcription kindly supplied by Christine El-Amir

Surname Listing

Ashwood, Aulton,
Baylis, Betts, Bickley, Blakesby, Blick, Boon, Brentnall, Brown, Bunn, Burditt, Butler
Campbell , Carver, Chambers, Chapman, Clark, Croxall, Curzon.
Davis, Dudley. Farnall, Felton. Gibbons, Grange, Green.
Hall, Harding, Hardman, Hartop, Henshaw, Holland, Hollis, Holme, Homer.
Kendrick, Kimbertin. Lickland, Lovett, Lucas. Marsh, Marton, Meller, Melnor, Mendham.
Nevill, Nickelson. Osborn. Parkes, Perkins, Pimlot. Robinson, Russon, Ryland.
Shaw, Smith, Spencer, Strickley. Terry, Thomas, Thompson.
Wardell, Webb, Whatley, Whitehouse, Wilkins, Wright.

Name Forename(s) Occupation
BOON Robert Warden
WEBB William Esq Justice
HARTOP Sir Edmund Justice
NEVILL William Alderman
BROWN John Alderman
TERRY Thomas Alderman
MARSH Joseph Alderman
BLICK Rev Mr. Alderman
KENDRICK John Alderman
KENDRICK William Alderman
SPENCER Rev Dr. Alderman
SHAW Adam Read Alderman
CURZON Henry Alderman
Gentry &c.
GRANGE Mr John  
HARDING Humphrey Esq  
HARDMAN Mr Richard  
HOLLIS Mr Humphrey  
PERKINS Shirley Esq  
WEBB William Esq  
WHATLEY Mr. Richard  
BLICK Rev Mr. Vicar
MENDHAM Rev Joseph  
SHAW Adam Read Surgeon
TERRY Thomas Surgeon
CROXALL Edward Attorney
HOMER Wm. Attorney & Town clerk
Traders &c.
ASHWOOD Stephen Gardener
AULTON Hannah Victualler (Swan)
BAYLIS William Taylor
BAYLIS Robert Plumber
BETTS Joseph Staymaker
BICKLEY William Draper & Grocer
BLAKESBY Wm. Plumber & Victualler
BRENTNALL Thomas Watchmaker
BROWN John Maltster
BUNN William Taylor
BURDITT Humphrey Farmer
BUTLER Brabin Farmer
CARVER Joseph Red Lion Inn
CHAMBERS William Huckster
CHAPMAN Elizabeth Mantua maker
CLARK John Staffordshireware shop
DAVIS Thomas Victualler (Sun)
DUDLEY E. Mercer & Draper
FARNALL John Mason
FARNALL William Mason
FARNALL Thomas Bricklayer
FELTON John Spade maker
GRANGE Joseph Shoemaker
HALL William Shoemaker
HENSHAW Francis Millwright
HOLLAND Joseph Butcher
HOLME Studd Mason
HOLME William Skinner
KENDRICK Ralph Farmer
KIMBERTIN Charles Hair dresser
LUCAS Christopher Victualler (Gate)
LUCAS Christopher Shoemaker
MARSH Joseph Mercer & Draper
MARTON J. Staymaker
MELLER George Carpenter
MELNOR Edward Baker
NEVILL William Plater
NEVILL Timons Butcher
NEVILL Charles Sadler
NICKELSON Robert Pooley Joiner
NICKELSON William Parish clerk
PARKES Samuel Tea dealer
PIMLOT Joseph Farmer
ROBINSON William Taylor
RUSSON Thomas Grocer
SMITH Richard Three Tuns Inn & Post Office
SPENCER Charles Farmer
STRICKLEY Joseph Smith
THOMPSON James Cooper
WARDELL Robert Sadler
WHITEHOUSE Daniel Grocer
WILKINS William Tallow Chandler
WILKINS Thomas Butcher
WILKINS Benjamin Sadler
WRIGHT Isaac Carpenter
Excise Office (at Red Lion Inn)
LOVETT Mr Supervisor
GREEN William Collector
OSBORN William Officer

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