Principal Inhabitants of Stratford upon Avon 1793-8

An extract from the Universal British Directory 1793 - 1798
This book covers most of the major towns in Great Britain and the original is rather scarce
though may sometimes be found in public libraries. More likely the facsimile edition,
published by Michael Winton in 1993 may be found, and the book is also to be found on CD
and on fiches (The LDS fiches 6069181 through to 6069210 cover UK directories from 1781 - 1817)

This transcription kindly supplied by Christine El-Amir

Surname Listing

Allcock, Allen, Archer, Arnold, Ashfield, Ashford.
Baker, Baldwin, Barke, Battersby, Beech, Beedle, Beesley, Bennet, Black, Blackshaw, Blunn, Bolton, Boult, Box, Bree, Broom, Brown, Busby, Butler, Buttwell.
Cannings, Carter, Chamberlain, Chambers, Clarke, Cook, Cooper, Court, Cox, Creswell.
Dadley, Davenport, Doughty, Douglas, Duffin. East, Easthope, Edwards, Egginton, Emmings.
Featherstone, Frangton. Gamble, Gardner, Garrott, George, Gibbs, Gill, Goate, Green, Grubb.
Habbit, Halford, Hamp, Handy, Harris, Harrison, Hemmings, Heritage, Hibbins, Hill, Hitcham, Hitchcock, Hobbins, Hopkins, Hornby, Horton, Hunt.
Ingram, Izod. Jackson, Jagar, James, Jarvis, Jeffs, Jenkins, Jobson, Johnson, Joiner, Jorden, Jud.
King, Kitchen. Lancaster, Lench, Linthwaite, Lord.
Mander, Manson, Manton, Marshall, Mason, Merrick, Miles, Miner, Morrell, Morris, Moss, Mozley.
Neele, Newland, Newman, Nott. Pace, Paine, Palmer, Parsons, Payton, Pestle, Phipps, Price.
Richardson, Roberts, Rudge.
Sambidge, Sarshaw, Satchwell, Sharp, Sheldon, Smith, South, Southam, Sparkes, Spires, Stevens, Strickley.
Tandy, Taplin, Tasker, Taylor, Titmarch, Tompkins, Townsend, Turner. Vincent.
Walford, Wallington, Walls, Ward, Warford, Warrellow, Watkins, Watson, Weeks, Wells, Welsh, Westbury, Wheeler, Whitehead, Whitmore, Wickett, Wilkes, Wilkinson, Williams, Willis, Wood, Wyatt. Yates.

Name Forename(s) Occupation
PAYTON John Esq  
NOTT Thomas Alderman
INGRAM Charles Alderman
ASHFORD Thomas Alderman
JARVIS Samuel Alderman
BEECH William Alderman
LORD John Alderman
PESTLE Charles Alderman
TAYLOR Thomas Alderman
TOMPKINS William Alderman
EDWARDS John Alderman
IZOD Jonathan Alderman
BAKER Richard Alderman
HOBBINS Thomas Reeve Alderman
MANDER Robert Alderman
ALLEN Richard Alderman
GAMBLE John Alderman
MORRIS George William Alderman
JENKINS Charles Alderman
SHELDON Thomas Alderman
HUNT Thomas Town Clerk
GEORGE James Serjeant at Mace
PALMER William Serjeant at Mace
Gentry &c.
ASHFORD -, Gent  
BAKER Richard Esq  
BATTERSBY Edward Esq  
COOPER Nathaniel Esq  
HAMP John Mr  
JOHNSON Samuel Mr  
JUD William Mr  
MASON Thomas Mr  
PHIPPS John Mr  
YATES John Mr  
BREE John M.D.
GAMBLE John Surgeon
GOATE Edward Surgeon
NOTT Thomas Surgeon
PESTLE Charles Surgeon
CRESWELL Thomas Attorney
HUNT Thomas Attorney
WHEELER Robert Attorney
WYATT Richard Attorney
Traders &c.
ALLCOCK Thomas Smith
ALLCOCK Samuel Plumber & Glazier
ALLEN Richard Grocer & Druggist
ALLEN Henry Bricklayer
ARCHER Job Butcher
ARNOLD Samuel Smith
ASHFIELD Robert Victualler (Falcon)
BAKER Thomas Victualler
BALDWIN John Butcher
BARKE Elizabeth White Lion Inn
BEEDLE John Weaver
BEESLEY John Victualler (Seven Stars)
BENNET William Baker
BLACK Mrs Confectioner
BLACKSHAW Ann Breeches maker
BLUNN Thomas Sadler
BLUNN Henry Sadler
BOLTON William Shakespeare Inn
BOULT William Taylor
BOX Thomas Grocer
BROOM Mary Woolcomber
BROWN Joseph Grocer
BUSBY Ed. Victualler (Old Little Crown)
BUTLER William Huckster
BUTTWELL Enoch Mercer & Draper
CANNINGS Edward Staymaker
CARTER William Taylor
CHAMBERS Margaret Milliner
CLARKE Jn. Shakespeare & Garrick Inn
COOK Thomas Schoolmaster
COOK George Carpenter
COOPER Henry Joiner
COOPER Samuel Confectioner
COOPER John Shoemaker
COOPER William Shoemaker
COOPER Robert & Nathaniel Flax & Hemp Dressers
COURT Leonard Farmer
COX John Mercer
DADLEY George Ironmonger
DADLEY Thomas Cutler
DOUGHTY Sarah Victualler (Swan)
DOUGLAS John Baker
DUFFIN Michael Linen draper
EAST Richard Miller
EASTHOPE Edward Coal merchant
EDWARDS John Cooper
EDWARDS Mary Boot & Shoe maker
EGGINTON Joseph Ironmonger
EMMINGS John Boot & Shoe maker
FEATHERSTONE W. Victualler (Horse Shoe)
FRANGTON George Cabinet maker
GARDNER John Red Horse Inn & Excise office
GARROTT Geo. Victualler (Wheatsheaf)
GEORGE James Victualler (Windmill)
GIBBS Jn. Victualler (Horse & Jockey)
GILL John Sadler
GREEN Benjamin Hatter
GRUBB John Ironmonger
GRUBB Edward Stone carver
HABBIT Thomas Cooper
HALFORD William Red Lion Inn
HALFORD Mary Toy Shop & Flax dresser
HANDY John Bricklayer
HARRIS C. Mantua maker
HARRIS Thomas Hair dresser
HARRISON Thomas Woolcomber
HEMMINGS Samuel Hair dresser
HEMMINGS Thomas Carpenter
HERITAGE Samuel Butcher
HIBBINS Thomas Reeve Grocer & Tallow chandler
HILL Joseph Hair dresser
HITCHAM John Currier
HITCHCOCK Eliz. Grocer & Chandler
HOPKINS Richard Draper
HORNBY - Butcher
HORTON William Bricklayer
HUNT David Joiner
INGRAM Charles Cooper
IZOD Jonathan Plumber & Glazier
JACKSON Joseph Grocer
JAMES Benjamin Baker
JARVIS Samuel Mercer & Draper
JEFFS William Sadler
JENKINS Charles Grocer
JOBSON Joseph Victualler (Swan)
JOINER T. Victualler (Waggon & Horses)
JORDEN Samuel Wheelwright
JORDEN - Wheelwright
KING George Golden Lion Inn
KITCHEN Thomas Millwright
LANCASTER Mrs Victualler (Masons Arms)
LENCH Aaron Currier
LINTHWAITE Thomas Stocking maker
LORD William Millwright
LORD & CO John Sadlers & Ironmongers
MANDER Robert Grocer
MANSON Mary Milliner
MANTON John Plumber & Glazier
MANTON Robert Baker
MARSHALL M. Victualler (Rose & Crown)
MILES Washbone Coffee house
MINER Joseph Butcher
MORRELL Ann Victualler (Cross Keys)
MORRIS George Wm. Bookseller, Stationer, Printer & Stamp office
MOSS Philip Shoemaker
MOZLEY George Gardener
NEELE William George Inn
NEWLAND Richard Sadler
NEWMAN William Mason
PACE John Victualler (Black Swan)
PAINE William Mason
PAINE Mary Milliner
PAINE Edw, Victualler (Green Dragon)
PALMER Richard Shoemaker
PARSONS Thomas Patten maker & Currier
PAYTON John Farmer
PHIPPS John Butcher
PRICE Jane Ladies Boarding school
RICHARDSON Henry Whitesmith
ROBERTS Henry Baker
ROBERTS John Maltster
RUDGE Joseph Glass shop
SAMBIDGE Samuel Woolcomber
SAMBIDGE William Woolcomber
SAMBIDGE Thomas Dyer
SARSHAW William Butcher
SATCHWELL Thomas Hair dresser
SATCHWELL William Linen draper
SHARP Thomas Clock & Watch maker
SHELDON Tho. Grocer & Hop factor
SMITH Henry Farrier & Victualler
SMITH Thomas Taylor
SOUTH John Gardener
SOUTHAM William Hair dresser
SPARKES Thomas New Inn
SPIRES Richard Victualler (Bell)
STEVENS Isabella Confectioner
STEVENS Charles Taylor
STRICKLEY John Brazier
TANDY John Maltster
TAPLIN Edward Shoemaker
TASKER William Butcher
TAYLOR Thomas Joiner & Auctioneer
TAYLOR C. Broker
TAYLOR John Farmer
TITMARCH Thomas Shoemaker
TOMPKINS William Mercer
TOWNSEND William Victualler
TURNER Ann Milliner
VINCENT James Plane maker
WALFORD Mrs. Bookseller & Stationer
WALLS William Gunmaker
WARD L. Hat maker
WARFORD Mrs Mercer
WARRELLOW Joseph Joiner
WATKINS Juames Butcher
WATSON Daniel Staymaker
WELLS John Shoemaker
WELLS John Baker
WELSH James Unicorn Inn
WESTBURY Bromfield Carpenter
WESTBURY John Rowden Academy
WHITEHEAD Wm. Clock & Watch maker
WICKETT Phebe Staffordshire ware shop
WILKES Edward Bookseller & Printer
WILKINSON Thomas Coachmaker
WILLIAMS Thomas Breeches maker
WILLIS William Baker
WOOD Richard Maltster
WOOD Joseph Victualler (Green Man)
Excise Office
WEEKS Mr Collector
JAGAR Abel Supervisor
BOLTON Mr Officer
MERRICK Mr Officer

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