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This file is an index to Stray Warwickshire Marriages submited by members of the Rootsweb Warwickshire list and others

Submissions are welcome from anybody - please send by email to: Ann Menzies who is coordinating this project
and mention your source(s) if possible

Currently the following information is online:

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Coordinated by Ann Menzies


Abbott, Adams, Adcock, Aderstone, Adkins, Aires, Alin, Allet, Alliband, Allibone, Allin, Alsop, Amos, Angell, Anstee, Anthony, Appleton, Archer, Arlington, Armitt, Arnold, Ashby, Astley, Atkins, Atkins or Adkins, Axhill.

Bailey, Baily, Baker, Bamhurst, Banbury, Barge, Barnacle, Barnes, Barnet, Barnicle, Barrs, Bars, Baseley, Basely, Batchelor, Bates, Baules?, Baxter, Bazeley, Bazely, Beasley, Beck, Beckett, Beere, Beesley, Belcher, Bench, Bennett, Benson, Berry, Bicknal, Bicknell, Billingham, Bilson, Bird, Blackwell, Bland, Blencowe, Bliss, Blundell, Bodington, Boffin, Bolstridge, Bond, Boote, Boyes, Bradly, Bradshaw, Brain, Branson, Branston, Bridgstock, Bromwich, Brookes, Brooks, Broome, Browett, Brown , Bryan, Bucknell, Budd, Bugby, Bulliman, Bullock, Buntin, Bunting, Buppell, Burbidge, Burntia, Burows, Burroughs, Burrows, Burton, Bushell, Butlen, Butler, Butlin.

Cabey, Callis, Calloway, Cannell, Capell, Capes, Carter, Carvell, Caseley, Caswell, Cave, Cawshire, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chapman, Chater, Chatwyn, Cherry, Chester, Chettell, Chettle, Claridge, Clark, Clarke, Clay, Cleaver, Clerk, Clerke, Clever, Clifford, Coales, Cole, Coleman, Coles, Colledge, Collins, Collis, Cook, Cook , Cooke, Cooper, Copson, Corall, Corbett, Cosford, Cowley, Cox, Cranfield, Crapper, Creaton, Crick, Crofts, Cross, Cruce, Curtis.

Dadley, Daniel, Davie, Davis, Dawes, Day, Dickson, Digby, Docker, Dod, Douglas, Downing, Drayton, Driver, Duckett, Dunkley.

Eagle, Eagleston, Eaglestone, Eales, Eals, East, Easton, Ecton, Edwards, Elemen, Elkington, Ellard, Elliman, Elliot, Elliott, Elmes, Evans, Ewin, Eydon.

Fall, Farn, Farndon, Faulkner, Fennell, Fern, Fevers, Field, Fish, Flavel, Flavell, Flecknoe, Fletcher, Foster, Fouckes, Francis, Freeman, French, Frost, Fry, Furness, Furniss.

Gardner, Gent, George, Gibbins, Gibbs, Gilbert, Gilkes, Gill, Gillam, Goff, Golding, Gomm, Goode, Goodman, Graunt, Green, Greenway, Gregory, Grimsley, Groocock, Grosby, Grubb, Gudgeon, Gudgin, Gunn.

Haddon, Hall, Halley, Hammond, Hanbury, Hancock, Hand, Hands, Hanwell, Harold, Harper, Harris, Harrold, Hart, Hartop, Hassall, Hawkins, Haycock, Hayes, Haynes, Haythill, Heath, Hedge, Hemmings, Henson, Herbert, Hewens, Hickman, Hicks, Higham, Hill, Hines, Hinton, Hipwell, Hitchcock, Hoare, Hobson, Holland or Holton, Hollis, Holloway, Holmes, Holton, Honcoman, Hooman, Hopkins, Horley, Horn, Horne, Horton or Orton, Houghton, Howlett, Howman, Hows, Hudson, Hughes, Hunt, Hurley.

Ibbs, Ingerham, Ireson, Ivens.

Jackson, Jakeman, Jarvis, Jeffery, Jenanely, Jennings, Jephcott, Jephkin , Jervice, Jessett, Jeyes, Johnson, Johnston, Jolley, Jones, Judkins, Jurdain.

Keen, Keene, Kelsey, Kenning , Kennord, Keyte, Kilsby, King, Knight.

Lagoe, Lamb, Lambert, Laud or Lord, Laughton, Law, Lea, Lee, Lee , Letts, Lidgit, Lines, Linnel, Linnell, Loveday, Lovell, Low, Lucas, Luckman, Lucus, Luffield, Luke, Lyndet.

Mace, Machen, Mackett, Mallin, Man, Mann, Manning, Mariott, Markham, Marriot, Marriott, Martin, Masters, Mathew, Mathews, Matthew, Matthews, Mattocks, Mawby, Maycock, Mead, Mealls, Mercer, Mercy, Merry, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Mitton, Modlen, Mold, Montgomery, Moon, Moor, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Muddiman, Munn, Murcut, Murden.

Nassye, Neale, Needle, Newbury, Newell, Newey, Newman, Nightingale, Nightingall, Noon, Norrice, Norton, Nutt.

Odall, Oldham, Oldnall, Ondly, Orton, Oswin, Over.

Packer, Packwood, Page, Painter, Palmer, Parker, Parrett, Parsons, Peberdy, Pennington, Perkins, Pesco, Pescoe, Pettifer, Phipps, Pierce, Pitham, Plummer, Pollard, Polton, Pool, Powell, Pratt, Prestidge, Price, Prickett, Prowett, Putt, Pycroft.

Quincy, Quincy.

Rabourne, Radbourn, Radbourne, Rainbow, Ralphs, Rawbone, Rawborne, Rawlins, Read, Reading, Reeve, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson, Riley, Robbins, Roberts, Robinson, Rodhouse, Rogers, Rone, Rooke, Rosimond, Rowell, Rowley.

Sabin, Sadler, Sanders, Satchwell, Saunders, Scott, Seaton, Sedgley, Selby, Seymore, Shakespeare, Sharman, Sharp, Shaw, Shell, Sheppard, Shesby, Shirley, Shortland, Simcock, Simons, Slatcher, Sleath, Smallbone, Smeath, Smith, Sound, Sparrow, Spencer, Sprawson, Stanton, Steel, Stowe, Stratford, Struckly or Strickley, Stuart, Sumner, Sutton.

Tarry, Tarver, Taylor, Tebbitt, Tebit, Thompson, Thomson, Thornicroft, Thornton, Tibbits, Tidman, Tilley, Timms, Tomalin, Tombs, Tomlyn?, Tomms, Tompson, Tooby, Townshend, Treadgold, Tresler, Trumkins, Truslove, Turner, Turrell, Twiger, Twigger.

Vale, Vann, Vause, Veile.

Wadsworth, Waite, Walker, Wallis, Walsingham, Ward, Warren, Watkin, Watkins, Watnson, Watson, Watts, Wawman, Web, Webb, Webster, Welch, Wells, West, Wheatley, White, Whitehead, Whiteman, Wickes, Williams, Willoughby, Wills, Wills , Wilson, Winckley, Windsor, Winterton, Wolf, Wood, Woodcock, Wooden, Worley, Worters, Worthington, Wright, Wrighton.

Yardley, Yates, Yeomans, Young.

Currently the following information is online:

Warks Marriage Strays This Index full listing Full Listing

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