List of Apprentices and their masters taken various sources

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Name Forename Date Details Place reference
COX alias NICHOLLSRoger3 Nov 1694Apprentice to Richard PETFORD Lab.Claverdon WRO DR/166/27
DITCHFORDAnne3 Nov 1694Apprentice to John SMITH husbandmanLangley WRO DR/166/27
BRADLEYJohn5 Aug 1709Apprentice to Henry GOLD combmaker. S.o. Ely BRADLEY Claverdon widow. Private.Birm. WRO DR/166/27
SMITHGeorge11 Jan 1713Apprentice to Avery BARTLAM yeomanNewnham WRO DR/166/27
LOEMartha9 May 1718Apprentice to William PHILLIPS innholder for 6 yearsClaverdon WRO DR/166/27
OLIVER als. CARPENTERJoanah18 Dec 1718Apprentice to Isaac OLIVER als. CARPENTERShrewley WRO DR/166/27
IRONSAnn13 Aug 1720Apprentice to John WEELY husbandryNorton Lindsey WRO DR/166/27
FINDONWilliam16 Jul 1737Apprentice to Abraham TIBBATT cordwainer. S.o. William FINDON late Claverdon. Private.Rowington WRO DR/166/27
PINCHGeorge27 Dec 1759Apprentice to John LUCAS ribb. WeaverSt. Mich. Coventry WRO DR/166/27
HOBDAYElizabeth14 Jul 1761Apprentice to William GUMBLEY husbandmanClaverdon WRO DR/166/27
TOWNSENDSamuel27 Mar 1768Apprentice to John WHEELER husbandmanClaverdon WRO DR/166/27
POWERSJohn27 Mar 1768Apprentice to Joseph CUTLER farmerLangley WRO DR/166/27
CHINNJohn27 Mar 1768Apprentice to Mr. Thomas CUMINES farmerClaverdon WRO DR/166/27
NASONWilliam2 Jul 1768Apprentice to Thomas ARCHELUS farmerClaverdon WRO DR/166/27
HAYMESThomas1 Mar 1771Apprentice to Francis ALLEN clog & boot makerSt. Mary Warwick WRO DR/166/27
CHINNWilliam5 Aug 1771Apprentice to Joseph CUTTLER husbandryLangley WRO DR/166/27
TOWNSENDChristian4 Mar 1775Apprentice to Richard BARTON Ribb.WeaverCoventry WRO DR/166/27
TOWNSENDThomas4 Mar 1775Apprentice to Joseph ADKINS Ribb. WeaverCoventry WRO DR/166/27
TOWNSENDWilliam4 Mar 1775Apprentice to Richard BARTON Ribb.WeaverCoventry WRO DR/166/27
PALMERJohn24 Jun 1775Apprentice to John CROSS dyer  WRO DR/166/27
TESTARDJames15 Jul 1754Apprentice to John REYNOLDS Wootten Wawen Clerk. 8 yrs old. Apprent. In HusbandryWootten WawenWRO DR195/65
JACOMB (?)Craft (?)17 Dec 1778Apprentice to John HOITT sen. Henley in Arden Farmer. 12 yrs oldWootten WawenWRO DR195/65

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