Wounded Soldiers' Sports
Published 1916 by "The Walsall Advertiser Co Ltd"

Hat Trimming Competition
At   the   Wounded  Soldiers' Sports,   Organised   by   the V.T.C. and   Special Police, and held on Gorway
cricket ground on Saturday afternoon,   there   were several humorous   events.   Picture   shows the winners
in the hat trimming competition, the hats being worn by members of the Women's Volunteer Reserve. Standing
at   the back are Mayor (Councillor S.M. Slater,   Coy.-Commander H.H. Ashmole Ashmall,   of the V.T.C,
and Inspector J.C. Shannon, of the special Police
Apple & Bowl Race Special Prize
The start of the apple and Bowl race.     Each Competitor had to take an
apple out of a bowl of water with his mouth, and keep some water in
the bowl and the apple between his teeth while he ran.

In the Hat Trimming competition a
special prize was offered by Mr. J.C.
Shannon to the soldier who trimmed the
hat which fetched the highest price in
the sale. This was won by Pte. Lan
caster. Photo shows the hat being sold
by auction ( By Mr. A.C. Frazer Wood),
the price realised being 4 12s. 6d.   The
purchaser was Mr. Harry Lindop.
Hairdressing Competition

Baloon Race
The most amusing of all the compet-
itions was the hairdressing, the soldiers
being allowed ten minutes to take down
and dress the hair of the members of the
W.V.R.     Photo shows the winners - Pte.
Bennet (1st) and Pte. Marsh (2nd), the
latter being the taller, and the ladies
whose hair they dressed.
The finish of the balloon race, in which the runners had to keep the
balloons above their heads. Pte. Pitmarsh is "on the tape", and Pte.
Knight second.

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