The Toll of the Brave
Published 18 November 1916 by "The Walsall Advertiser Co Ltd"

If you were in Walsall in 1916 one of the papers that you may of read on a Saturday would have been the Walsall Pioneer and District News,
its price was one Halfpenny, On the front page was the following announcement,

"Readers should see that they get the Art Supplement given away with this issue"

The "Art Supplement" consisted of a page of head and shoulders view of soldiers who had died or were wounded in the war,
on the top of the page were the words,

"The Toll of the Brave"

Under the photo you would get the soldiers rank, his name, if he had been killed or wounded, what regiment he was in, and were he lived.
The "Art Supplement " was made of a slightly different paper than of the new paper, it is slightly thicker.

Please note:
It is not my intention to upset any living relatives of the soldiers that are published here, the main aim is to be of a benefit to any genealogist in their research,
I would like to thank Pickard for his help in getting an idea on to the Internet, so all that I can say is please read, and view the photos, with my blessings...
These pictures were originally printed in 1916 by " Walsall Advertiser Co Ltd"

Pte. J.W. Clutterbuck Pte. Fred Birch Pte. J.H. Harber
South Staffords
(45, West Bromwich Road)
Grenadier Guards
(73, Bentley Lane)
Pte. J. HARBER   Killed
Grenadier Guards
(10, Scarborough Road)
Sergt. Sidney Hibbett Pte. A.G. Piper Pte. S.C. Massey
Died of Wounds
South Staffords
(Foden Road)
PTE. A.C. PIPER   Died of Wounds
South Staffords
(200, Sandwell Street)

PTE. S.C. MASSEY   Wounded
Royal Welsh Fusiliers
(152, Dale Street)

Pte. Geo. Taylor Pte. Harry  Hammond Pte. W.B. Ross
PTE. GEO. TAYLOR   Wounded
Coldstream Guards
(20, Lower Walhouse Street)
Grenadier Guards
(45, Regent Street, Pleck)
PTE. W.B. ROSS   Wounded
Royal Engineers
(102a, Bath Street)
Pte. D. Gnosill Pte. Dick Bird Pte. Ed. Williams
PTE. D. GNOSILL   Wounded
South Staffords
(398, Pleck Road)
PTE. DICK BIRD   Wounded
Duke of Cornwall's L.I.
(Elgin House, Lower Hall Lane)
South Staffords
(65, Paddock Lane)

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